YourOtherMind Software Update

This blog was originally setup to primarily pass on information to customers of my YourOtherMind software. Over time I’ve transformed it into more of a writing related blog since writing is what I’m primarily doing nowadays, with the occasional gaming post.

That said, I am still working on YourOtherMind and I expect to release an update sometime after I finish first draft of the novel I’m working on (next week or so) and before I start the second novel. So I will begin broadcasting some new feature information such as line-by-line editing and the new Naming Central feature.

The Question I Have Is This

I’m debating whether it is worth splitting my audience by creating two blogs, one for YourOtherMind and another for gaming/writing news?

I don’t know if the YourOtherMind updates annoy readers who follow me because of my writing or gaming history, or vice versa, or if it really matters at this point…

Anyone have any opinions?