YourOtherMind 2013 FAQ

Moving Notes

Cannot drag notes
Sometimes YourOtherMind gets locked in a drag mode (i.e., thinks you are dragging a note you are no longer dragging). Press the ESCAPE button to end this. You know if you are in drag mode if the caption bar of a note is red (it turns red when dragging).

Scrollbars on Subpanel
If a note on your subpanel (or child panel) has scrollbars for no apparent reason what has happened is that you have a note scrolled ‘off to the viewing area’ on the subpanel. Turn off TABS|MAXIMIZE TABS and click on your notes until they are not obscuring screen. Scroll to offending note and move it back ‘on screen’.

Text Color Not Changing When Changing Appearances
Sometimes when switching between Appearances, the text color will not change. This is because (for some reason) color-formatted text on the very first line of the control blocks the “text color switch”. The fix is simple.
Just copy a word from any other note, as long as has not been manually recolored by the user and paste that word to the front of the afflicted note. Now delete that word.
Appearance changes should now change text color again.

How to Edit System Layout
Formatting tools (like Control + B for bold text) do not work on the system panel. To edit this properly you must load it as you would any other layout. The catch is that if you make changes to the primary System panel, these will override your changes. You will have to save and restart the application to see the effect of your changes.
DEVELOPERS NOTE: The reason this occurs is that all formatting tools rely on GetCurrentLayout to know which layout to perform format operations on. Because the System Layout exists outside this framework, it is never a valid candidate for the formatting tools. But if the user loads it through the standard layout system, then that copy of it is valid.

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