Addin File

For accessing plain text files elsewhere on your computer (ideal for reading and writing files to a DropBox folder).

The basic idea is that the user selects a file (such as one in a dropbox folder) and creates a link between that file and a note inside of YourOtherMind. They then choose when to Import the file (either by selecting the “Get From File” option) after it has been updated and they want the newest version loaded. If they want to overwrite the external version they select “Send To File”.

As short-cuts users may also simply click on the Last Import Time and Last Export Time labels to import and export, respectively — these are located in the status bar at the bottom of the note. Clicking on the name of the file linked will show that file in the folder where it resides.

The user receives a prompt when they try to export a file over a newer version that is located at the external location.

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