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The YourOtherMind Writing Environment is built around the concept of AddIns bringing in the desired functionality.

As YourOtherMind is general purpose, note-taking software, previous versions were (rightly) criticized for being too full of features. This is because no single user needs all the possible features. Some use it to organize their musings, others use it to keep track of where they submit novels and stories, others make use of the proofreading environment. Some use it to manager pictures (like an off-line Pinterest!) and others play around with the table-making functionality.

So, with this new version, effort was spent to subdivide functionality into appropriate AddIns. This pages is the overview page for those, with links to specific AddIn features.


The YourOtherMind 2013 framework is powered by AddIns. Here is a list with subpages to more detailed information on each AddIn.


  • Checklists. Easily create checklists based on text notes.


  • Picture Notes allow images to be stored on layouts. This addin also installs a screen capture tool for injecting images directly onto a layout from the web or other applications.

Writing AddIns

  • SendTextAway. This is a formatting tool that takes plain text and converts it to other file formats.
  • Addin_YourOtherMindMarkup. A custom markup language to faciliate writing text in a neutral format that is later exported (via Addin_SendTextAway) to destinations with specific formatting requirements (or for creating ePubs and the like).
  • ADDIN_Submissions. Used for tracking where stories are sent, when trying to sell them to various markets.

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