Text Notes


Text notes are derived from Label Notes and share most of the same core functionality as those.

In addition they allow:

  • Text Editing. A text editing area supports most RTF-style text and handles pasting from Word and HTML formats.
  • Shortcut Keys. Keys existing for standard formatting (Ctrl + B for bold and such)
  • Robust AddIn Support. AddIns are able to add Versioning and Proofreading tools.
  • Property – Create a Link To This Note. Text Notes can be copied as link (not just copied as notes). This allows the LINK NOTE type on another layout to host an up to date “view” of a Text Note from another page.
  • Property – Markup Support. AddIns can add different markups to allow for the text to be formatted in particular ways.
  • Paste To Match. From the right-click menu, the user may elect to paste text to match the current format being used in the text box.
  • Highlight Color. From the right-click menu the user may select various color highlights.
  • Note Actions. Also from the right-click menu the user may choose note actions. The default note action is to run the note as a Batch file (which means YourOtherMind can be used to store multiple batch files in one location). Additional note actions will be added with AddIns (Archiving, Fact Parsing, et cetera)

In addition to these features there is a special format bar that works on the currently selected note. This bar gives the following features:

  • Bold, Italic, StrikeThru, and Underline. Short-cuts to commonly used format tools.
  • Bullet Support. Basic and Numbered bullets supported.
  • Default Text. Sets text to the default font (this is useful when cleaning up messy text.
  • Zoom. A view-only zoom setting is available that allows the user to change (temporarily) the size of the text. Useful for tired eyes.

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