Storyboard Notes


Though Storyboard Notes inherit all the functionality that other notes enjoy, they appear quite different. This is because the Storyboard’s purpose is to organize other notes.

They are useful when needing to maintain different drafts of a work, organize characters into their own group, and keep track of the chapters for a novel.

Adding a Note

When RIGHT-CLICKING, the user will be given the option to ADD ITEM TO LIST. This lets them select a note on the existing layout to add to the Storyboard.

Additional Options From The Right Click Menu

  • Edit Caption. Able to modify the text associated with the selected item.
  • Delete Item. Will delete the currently selected item from the list (the original note, of course, is not deleted).
  • Toggle Image Size. If images are stored in a Storyboard (through the use of the Picture Note AddIn) this will toggle (and store) the size of that image.
  • Add New Group. A prompt will appear when the user may enter a label for a group and the current, selected item, will be moved into that group.

Additionally any groups that have been added will appear at the bottom of the menu. When an item is selected, and then a group selected, they will be moved to that group.


The toolbar at the top of the form performs the following actions:

  • Left and Right Arrows. These allow navigation between the items in the storyboard. This is useful when creating picture galleries.
  • Delete. A short-hand to the delete option.
  • Toggle Preview. Will toggle whether the preview area at the bottom appears. This area may also be resized (and the sizes are stored).
  • Toggle View. This changes how the list appears, whether with large icons or detail view.
  • Refresh. Refresh the display if items appear to be missing.

Advanced Features

AddIns can also interact with Storyboards in special ways (being able to parse certain groups within a storyboard, when exporting a document and such).

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