List Notes


List Notes are derived from Label Notes.

List Notes are used to display, well, lists of the notes on a particular layout.

This creates a handy list to navigate layouts with a large number of notes on them. This list is automatically generated and aside from the occasional need to press the REFRESH button, requires no user management to maintain.

A drop down on each List Note provides three options.

Notes on This Layout

When this option is selected, the notes from the current Layout are shown in the list. Clicking on the note goes to it.

Notes on Current Layout

This is similar to the previous option except it shows the notes from the currently active layout. This is most useful when the Note List is placed on the System Note, as shown below. This allows for a single list that can be used for a variety of purposes. In the “All Layouts” mode it shows a list of all layouts available. Once you go to the layout you want you then switch to this mode, to see the list of notes on the particular layout.

The benefit of this is that you do not need to add a separate Note list to each layout. You just use one global note list.

All Layouts

As hinted about in the previous section this shows all the layouts available. Clicking on it loads the layout. If the layout is already open, the focus is returned to it.


Filtering Options

The user is always able to filter the notes or layouts shown in the list by name, by editing the indicated text box.

TEXT SEARCH When in “All Layouts” mode they are also able to do an advanced search by selecting SEARCH ALL TEXT FIELDS. This performs a search through the text (in text notes and tables) of every layout and shows those layouts that have that text inside of them.

QUERY The drop down showing ALL in the image above shows filters defined on the System Note (on the table called list_queries). This allows users to craft specific queries (projects with particular word counts or dates last modified, et cetera). In a future update a query editor will be added.

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