YourOtherMind allows for limited customization of the look of the individual notes.

As described on the Notes page, the user may choose various appearance options. They can also edit these appearances or create their own.

Here is an example of the appearance editor (accessed via OPTIONS|INTERFACE and then selecting an appearance and choosing NEW).


Click the buttons, most of which allow changing the color of a visual element on the note. A few controls perform special actions:

  • Size of Caption Bar. The numeric control at the far right changes the height of the caption bar.
  • Border Style. The dropdown beside the numeroic control changes the border on the caption bar. The text edit section is where users add a name for the appearance.
  • Font. The FONT button allows changing the font of the caption bar. For some notes it also modifies the font of other text based elements. It *does not* change the font of the text on a Text Note (this is to avoid destroying the user’s formatting).

(Avoid setting ForeColor and BackColor to the same value, else you will not be able to read the text!)

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