Label Notes


Labels are simple notes with a single line of text that may be positioned on a layout wherever the user desires. Labels are the base note type. All other note types derive from labels.

All notes may be moved anywhere on the layout they inhabit.

By pressing the SETTINGS button on a note, additional settings may be modified:

  • Naming. The note may be renamed by replacing the text at the top with the desired title (i.e., in this example “This is a Label”)
  • Bring To Front. Selecting this brings this note in front of any others.
  • Read Only. If set, the note cannot be edited directly (this will apply to other types of notes, such as Text and Tables).
  • Appearance. Various appearances exist. Existing appearances may be modified and new appearances created by using TOOLS|OPTIONS.
  • Docking. User may choose where on the screen the note is “docked”.
  • Lock. If set the note cannot be moved.
  • Folder. If any PANEL notes are on the layout, a note can be moved to that panel through this option. Notes can also be moved OUT of panel in the same way.
  • Copy Note. Once selected the user can press the Paste note button to paste the copied note, as shown in the next picture.

  • Properties. This is for advanced users, but allows editing of all core properties to do with the note.

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