About YourOtherMind 2013

What is YourOtherMind?
YourOtherMind 2013 is the spiritual successor to an idea management platform that has been existed, in various configurations, since the late 90s. It was formerly known as Worgan, Keeper, and YourOtherMind.
In 2013 an open source version of the next iteration of this platform will be released, with a focus on customization, by users and by other developers taking advantage of a robust AddIn framework. When the initial deployment of code is available, it will be hosted on GitHub.

About Brent Knowles
Brent Knowles, the developer of this software, spent ten years at BioWare/Electronic Arts, most of which he was a Creative Director. He did design work for various titles, including Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, and Dragon Age. Now ‘retired’, his focus is on writing fiction, with stories appearing in NewMyths.com, On Spec Magazine, and various other magazines and anthologies, including a win in the Writers of the Future Contest.

Justification for Open Source Writing Environment
A brief post on why YourOtherMind was converted into an open source project.

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