YOM Version 8.3 Released

Yesterday the 8.3 update for the YourOtherMind writing platform went live.

The improvements are listed on the version 8.3 page. To get them you need to turn on Help|Automatic Updates and restart YourOtherMind.

I’m really liking the new features, they have helped me through the process of writing my first novel (and have evolved based on what I noticed I needed to finish the novel). I wrote the entire novel in a single StickIt page, both drafts, with a total word count of about 300 000 words (counting all the research, character biographies, and other things that I included in the page). I was worried that I might get into speed or memory issues but I did not.

If anyone is interested I have developed a bit of a template that I am using and will post.

Note: One bug was discovered after I released version 8.3. It is pretty minor but I’ll get an update out shortly. Basically if you use the new Page|Advanced|Archive page feature AND you have never used the version system before it will give a warning. To make this work you need to invoke the Edit-bar, choose Features|Versions and archive one version manually. You only ever have to do this once (it creates the necessary directories). After this the Archive All feature will work.

Version 8.4

When will the next big release be? Not until next year and only if necessary — this full-time writing gig is starting to take up my time (and that’s good!). There may be one or two smaller updates to fix any bugs that this release may have introduced.