Word Counting


Word Counting

What does it do?

There are several methods for extracting word count data from YourOtherMind.

YourOtherMind allows users to log their daily word count and in version 8.2 YourOtherMind will handle the heavy lifting for this feature by doing the math for the user!

Reason for this Feature

Many authors use word counts as a measure of daily writing performance.

How To Use It

Viewing Word Count – From any note page go to Page|Word Count

Tracking Word Count – Use the
dashboard features.

If the user goes to a StickIt page and selects Page|Word Count they will see a dialog that says something along the lines of “Total Words = 343, Selected Note Words = 176” which means that the entire StickIt page has 343 words and the note they are currently editing has 176.

If instead they went to a basic Note page they would see only one number, the current words on that page.

Applies To

  • Dashboard
  • Main notebook


  • Version 8.2 will allow authors to get a full word count of all the notes in their notebook
  • Several Word Count incentives will be added in version 8.2 to help encourage authors

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