8.2 (Released)


Implemented 8.2.

  • Spellchecking (multiple language support)
  • Find-Search system vastly improved, including support for a user modified “badly used phrase” system (you can search for phrases you commonly use incorrectly or too much).
  • Screen Capture Tool incorporated onto StickIt pages – easily capture anything you see and add it instantly to a StickIt page
  • Key Responsiveness – previously formatting like Ctrl+B was a little inconsistent due to slow key response; that has been fixed.

Features Planned for this Release

  • Full-Screen Text Editor
  • IdeaFlow. New brainstorming feature
  • Storyboards (a new mini-note type for StickIt pages): These allow note-scenes to be grouped into categories (such a chapters) in a treeview-like manner. 

Features new for 8.2
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– text notes will now also appear in the Preview view on a Storyboard (this used to only display images)

– Removed some references to YourOtherMind’s old name – Keeper
– Added scrollbar to some panels on Dashboard so they resize better on small screens
– Added a storyboard to the ‘Write a Story’ wizard
– Removed a crash when using an apostophe when filtering links on StickIt pages
– Reformatted Deadlines on Dashboard
– simplified the way spelling feedback and grammar feedback appears (the window could disapear previously on certain configurations)
– corrected some wrong instructions on using StickItPages
– font button added back to main format bar
– Button added on details tab page to allow quick jumping to a web page for a market
– Added cursor to cover any longer loads on Dashboard
– F11 now toggles full-screen mode (if on a valid note)

(Bug Fixes)
– fixed an issue with the Market Picker not working correctly with StickIt notes
– fixed an issue with updating response times for new story markets
– fixed an issue with current page # not updating (edit bar)
– removed black-theme from editbar in favor of something easier to read until more situations

What would you like to see in version 8.2 or later?

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