Vancouver Canucks – yes, a hockey post, finally

Despite being Canadian I’m not a crazy hockey fan. Probably most people who know me from university and beyond wouldn’t even know that I watch hockey. But I do often catch games, when I can, and being from British Columbia, have always followed the Vancouver Canucks.

They are in the playoffs this year, and if they don’t win tonight, they’re out. I’m hoping for a good game, and would like to see them win, but I’m certainly not obsessive about it.


Years ago, I owned a van. It was a hand-me-down from my dad, a late 70s Ford cargo van, only two seats in it. It was meant to haul, well cargo, but I used it to haul people (usually drunk people). Anyways I’m not much of a vehicle person and I let that white van get pretty run down — rust, things in the engine held together with chickenwire, that sort of thing.

And when Vancouver made their ’94 play-off run I decided to decorate it with hockey slogans and play-off inspiration. And we did it with spraypaint and black Jiffy markers. All over the van, even some inappropriate pictures on the roof (courtesy of my cousin). I don’t know how long I drove around with all that gunk, but hey, I was supporting my team! Anyways, Vancouver eventually failed in that playoff run and I was left with a very ugly old van. So we painted it — with paint rollers and blue paint. And then the ugly white van became the ugly blue van.

Would I do it again, say if Vancouver starts winning some games and stays in the playoffs? My wife does have a nice, shiny Toyota Sienna just begging for some graffiti.