Templates are text files that can customize the writing environment.


What does it do?

The user can insert a template into any note. The user can create their own templates (as rich text files) with their favorite word processor or using YourOtherMind. Some templates are also used to populate new notes and the user can easily customize these too.

Reason for this Feature

Giving the user full customization of this writing tool.

How To Use It

Simple go to Page|Insert Template and choose a template from the template folder.

Remember that this template files are simply rich-text files and you can create your own!

Applies To

New Stuff

In version of 8.2 there are two special StickIt page notes (Character and Pitch) that prepopulate floating notes with their contents. They do this by using rich text files in the template folder (stickycharacter.rtf and stickyplot.rf) — the user can modify these.

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