Submission Tracking


Submission Tracking

What does it do?

YourOtherMind includes an easy to use but powerful submission tracking system. It keeps track of where users have submitted stories or novels, how much it cost to send them, and when sales are made the user can track profit and rights.

Reason for this Feature

This is a core feature and helps ensure that YourOtherMind is the only writing tool required for most writers, all of their notes, stories and business details are kept in one place. This prevents duplicating information in various places and saves the writer time.

How To Use It

Every note in YourOtherMind has a ‘Submissions’ tab. Going to this allows the user to choose a market (Add Submission). Once the market is chosen, the submission form can be used to modify details (type of submission, expenses, et cetera).

Submission Form

The user can also flag submissions as ‘destinations’ which means that they plan to send their story to this market in the future. The priority field on destinations allows users to determine the order in which they want to submit their work.

Finally the user can generate a cover letter by pressing a button. This automatically inserts publisher information (address, editor, et cetera). The letter template itself exists as a YourOtherMind page and can be modified by each user.

Market View

Not only can a user see where they have submitted a particular story they can also see the reverse. By going to any market page and accessing the submission panel they can see the list of stories that have been sent here.
They can easily update the average response time for a particular market by pressing the Update Response Time button.

There is a movie demonstrating how to add a story, a market, and a submission. The movie shows the old submission interface but the concept remains the same.
(Movie) Tutorial – Submission Tracking. This video demonstrates the process of submitting a story to a market.

Applies To

Main notebook. Additionally the Dashboard shows which submission are running late and various reports can retrieve submission information (plus the user can create their own reports).

See the main Writer’s Organizer page for more details.