StickIt – Screen Capture


Screen Capture

What does it do?

StickIt pages allow the user to grab images (from the web, other applications, whatever) easily by either dragging them onto the StickIt page or by using the screen capturer.

Reason for this Feature

Some webpages use images in a manner that makes them unable to be “copied”. The screen capturer lets users take quality snaphots of these pages for pasting in their stickit pages.

This is very useful for doing research.

How To Use It

  • Create a StickIt page
  • Press the ‘camera’ button
  • A camera window now appears. Move this and resize it to cover the area to be captured. Press Capture to File and the image will be pasted onto the StickIt page.
  • From here the user can move the image around or drag it onto a Storyboard.

    Many video players prevent screen capturing stills. There is a work around for Windows Media Player.
    1. Open Windows Media Player.
    2. Click Tools|Options
    3. On the Performance table press Advanced
    4. Any radio button that says ‘Use Layers’, deselect (turn off). Basically we don’t want layers to be used for screen capturing to work.
    5. Restart Windows Media Player

    Applies To

    StickIt pages

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