I’ve been playing around with the free evaluation copy of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. I’m really enjoying it. The scripting language is a bit clunky compared to the programming languages I am familiar but it is powerful (and quite simple to put together fun little games).

I think the price-tag of CS4 is just a bit too much for me at this time, so I probably won’t continue with this once the evaluation period ends, but while I’m at it, I’ll be posting whatever little flash apps I make.

I’ll keep them all on this page so that people who don’t have flash can still view my blog, et cetera.

Kid’s Games here

Prototype Stuff

This section demonstrates on how to have a OnClick Flash movie

It won’t play until you click on it

Click here to play movie

The key for the embedding to work is NO SPACES , line breaks

Simple PHP Test

To make sure inline PHP works (turns out I didn’t really need the inline php for my various projects).
1″; ?>

A Simple *7 Calculator

Uses an external PHP file. The flash file sends the number the user enters to the PHP file. It sends back that number * 7. The Flash file then displays the output.


A simple slideshow application. It takes a variety of inputs.

Stage 1: Just File (update this once I change it to database input).

Goes inside a php file
echo "&returnLogo=""; returns the logo that will display in header
echo "&returnCount=2"; How Many PICTURES - does not count LOGO
echo "&returnVal1=http://yourothermind.com/photos/albums/userpics/10001/normal_writing.jpg";
echo "&returnVal2=http://www.yourothermind.com/photos/albums/userpics/10001/normal_OS_Summer08_Cover_500x758.jpg";

The LOGO should be a file with Width=410 and Height = 20
The pictures should be 418 x 233
returnFade = delay (this is the alpha increment each frame)
Set the project by using flashvars (input is set in flash vars)
header I use http://yourothermind.com/publish/wp-content/uploads/header.jpg

row1 = # of rows
row2 = Delay
row3 = header
row4..x = one entry for each row

Story Reader

To learn how to use this viewer with your own blog/site see the Flash Reader post.

World Viewer

Check out the world viewer main page.

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