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We’ve written several other useful utilities over the years. They can be downloaded from this page. There are also free stories available here.

Visual Desk

“Visually map out ideas using notes, images and timelines.”

Visual Desk is a graphical “layout” program for ideas. Registering it gives you free registration for YourOtherMind as well. (check it out here)

QuickGM (free)

This is a quick and dirty utility for:

  • Accessing most D20 creature stats & some home-brew D20 Modern stats
  • Leveling these existing creatures or modifying them (i.e., templates)
  • Running a combat (initiative tracking)

    It is a rather primitive application, lacking a great user interface (which one day, given time, we’ll improve on) but it has quite a bit of functionality and potential.


  • The Primary Download includes xml file versions of many D20 creatures.
  • These creatures can also be downloaded individually.
  • You can also view the Help for the application

    Retired Software

    This rest of this page lists other software we have produced, as opposed to YourOtherMind and Visual Desk which are our primary supported applications.

    Generally these applications will be role-playing assistants and such.

    Keep in mind that YourOtherMind itself is very useful for managing role-playing sessions, especially with its built-in mapping system.

    Worgan (The Writer’s Organizer)

    This is the predecessor of YourOtherMind. While its advised to use the newer program, some people might want to look at

    Worgan so it can be downloaded from here: Worgan Download Site

    DM Info (free, unsupported)

    Application to keep track of 2nd Edition D&D stats during a combat round. Track hit points, armor class, et cetera.

    Download here

    Editor (free, unsupported)

    A little RTF text editor for use by a Dungeon Master in running a session.

    Download here

    Treasure Maker (free, unsupported)

    Trigger standard 2nd Edition Random Treasure Type Tables. Note: YourOtherMind is capable of organizing treasure tables more efficiently than this program.

    Download here

    Wander (free, unsupported)

    Probably the most useful of our “old” software. A timer runs and using an encounter table that you create, it will check to see if any of the random events should happen. Also tracks temperature and weather changes.

    Tip: Press the setup button to determine how often encounters should be checked.

    Download here

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