Allows users to customize the overall appearance theme of YourOtherMind.


What does it do?

A new skinning system allows for a rapid change in appearance of the application.

How To Use It

Right-click on the titlebar any of the skin-enabled forms. A form will appear with a list of skins available (version 8.3 will have one skin, black, which will have the same color scheme as the current Dashboard — black background with red buttons).

Users will be able to create their own skins by adding and modifying skin files (these are plain text files in the \skins directory). A skin editor will be released eventually.

Special settings

  • A variable names global_foreColorForButtonsWithImages can be used to set a different text color for buttons with images. These buttons will also inherit the background color of their parent
  • A small number of controls have been marked to ignore skinning. So far these are the ‘retired’ panel and the ‘on hiatus’ panel.

Applies To

All skinnable forms

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