Send Away


Send Away

What does it do?
Sends the current page to an external tool for processing/distribution. This allows YourOtherMind – The Writing Organizer to be used as a content distribution system, in that the source text is kept within YourOtherMind but can then be transformed into any other format the user has available.

Reason for this feature

Originally used by Brent at work to push content into the wikis used for game design material.

How to Use It

Go and set Send/Export Text Commandto the name of an application. That application should read from a temporary file that YourOtherMind will save in YourOtherMind\Data\scratch.txt. This file is where YourOtherMind puts the contents of the current page for use by the external program. You can also set the Source field to specify an alternative parameter. Put a blank space if you don’t need a second parameter.

C:\Documents and Settings\brent\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\interfaceTester\wikiBrowser\bin\Debug\wikiBrowser.exe
(Notice the space at the end… when YourOtherMind sends the file to wikiBrowser it will also send the Source field from Details|Source to specify which wiki page to put the data)

Applies To

The current active ‘note’ (rich text field).


1. Need to ensure this works for stickit pages (active rich text)