Scrivener for Windows

For those not in the know Scrivener for the Macintosh is an incredibly versatile writing organizer, hugely popular, with many testimonials behind it. And its quite inexpensive.

With my writing platform YourOtherMind (and its predecessors Worgan and Keeper) I’ve attempted to create something similar to Scrivener but available for the PC (though I should note that Worgan predates Scrivener by a significant amount!). With the last few iterations of YourOtherMind I’ve tried to clean up the user experience, making it easier to use and with a more visual approach to planning writing projects (i.e., the storyboards). I think I’ve succeeded a little but there’s a long way to go before YourOtherMind could seriously compete with Scrivener.

Now Scrivener has announced a windows version.

This news combined with the recent (albeit modest) progress in my writing career has compelled me to stop selling YourOtherMind. Right now I have the perfect number of customers — I can continue to maintain the software and implemented minor feature requests without affecting my writing deadlines too much. I don’t think YourOtherMind can seriously compete with Scrivener, not without a lot of work. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to continue spending hours chasing a small (and now much smaller) possible user audience.

YourOtherMind will continue to be maintained and new versions will roll out intermittently but there won’t likely be any major features added to it.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the years and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.