Run as Batch File

What does it do?

Runs a YourOtherMind page as a batch file.

Reason for this Feature

Batch files are useful text files that can be used to automate routine tasks, such as copying files or running other programs. However they can become scattered and forgotten.
But now they can be filed away in your digital notebook!

How To Use It

Simply go to a page that is formatted correctly as a batch file, in the Send/Export Text Command write the word batch and then select Tools|Advanced|Send Away

If your page contained the following text, when ran, it would open the notepad app:
start <notepad.exe>

Tip If you are trying to run the batch file via an automated process like the Windows Task Scheduler, you can! The sure-fire way to make this work is to create a batch file to load YourOtherMind and then assign the Windows Task Scheduler to run that batch file (this ensures that paths are setup properly).

This might be what your batch file looks (the paths might be different, on your machine).

C:\Users\Brent\Documents\YourOtherMind\Data\Exe\Current\keeper.exe batch _allbatch

This would execute the page named _allbatch (assuming it was setup properly, as described above).

Applies To

Main Notebook