Review On Spec #76 (Spring 2009)

Einstein’s Theory – Jack Skillingstead
This is a rather strange character study of an Einstein who is pondering whether other versions of him exist in alternative universes. He is having an affair with a fellow co-worker from the Swiss Patent Office and is generally frustrated with his achievements in life. I found the story interesting but I’m not overly familiar with Einstein (except for obvious stuff) and am certain I missed several subtle references.

Come-From-Aways – Tony Pi
A linguist studies a mysterious traveler named Madoc who has drifted into St. John’s harbor aboard a Viking ship. The linguist must puzzle the truth of Madoc’s appearance and when she does, must then make a life-changing decision. Another strong story from Tony Pi, at times maybe a little heavy with the linguistic details, but since that interests me that’s more of a bonus.

Hell Ain’t What it Used to Be – J. Brian Clarke
A man must undergo trials to redeem himself after having died. What happens to him is interesting but I’m just not that into the stories written in such a tongue and cheek manner.

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