Review: Murky Depths #8

David Tallerman
A cat sits outside, watching and waiting for the inevitable. A weird little short-short, it was effective.
What the Tongue Will Taste
Sam J Drain
Ick. A strong story, but a disturbing one, the lengths a man will go to indulge every possible sexual urge he has.
Collecting James
Geoffrey Girard
What if there were a physical way of capturing the ‘essence’ of a person by sawing part of their skull out? A good story, one that plays out differently than I was expecting; satisfying but not for the squeamish.
Out of Time
J Westlake
A man’s world freezes and he is the only one able to move through it. Not an uncommon story premise, it is handled well here, as the main character falls into despair, overwhelmingly alone.
My Muse Wears Army Boots
Christine Lucas
A good story about a rather effective muse who ensures that her writer writes. No matter what. The ending was particularly apt.
The Undead
Lawrence Buentello
A man has the ability to raise the dead. And it sucks. A nice examination of the implications of such a power, and the change it would effect on the wielder.
Sylvanus Moxley
A short-short, good and punchy as these ought to be.
The Monitor
Richard Rippon
This story I wouldn’t let my wife read (we have a couple young children and still use a baby monitor; the subject of this story). It is a good story though, I just didn’t need her to get all paranoid every time there was a weird noise over the monitor.
Read it, you’ll understand.
Nosing with the Four-Stoke Kid
KC Ball
A short-short, wherein the protagonist obviously never learned to be wary of strange women riding motorcycles. Satisfying and strong writing, if lacking in surprises.

Good issue, worth checking out