Printing Support


Before delving into the issue of printing support, I just want to mention that the Table Note page has been updated with better descriptions (and images) of how to construct a chain of random tables and how to invoke those random tables from other layouts.


Previous versions of YourOtherMind had printing support, the current version does not. And I do not have plans to add it (though if others want to, once the code is online, I’d have no objection).

The main reason (aside from time) that I have avoided this, is that over several years of using the previous version, I never ended up printing enough to justify the initial implementation expense. The truth is that most of my writing and submitting process occurs entirely online now. Things seldom need to end up on paper and when they do, it is easy enough to copy and paste them into notepad or Word or something and print from there.

Which leads me to a second, more philosophical point.

YourOtherMind, at least the way I use it, is about creating and managing content, not displaying it. I use the YourOtherMind markup language in my writing, and “export” my text into other formats for delivery (either Word or ePub). Text seldom needs direct printing from within YourOtherMind.