Letter from the Developer

A quick update.

I’m in the middle of either the coolest revision to the YourOtherMind interface or the worst idea I’ve ever had. Verdict is still out.

To address new user shellshock and confusion I’ve removed the ‘index’ from each individual note page and created a global index that I think more clearly shows the contents of YourOtherMind as a digital notebook. This collapsing/expanding interface also incorporates all the gadgets on the Dashboard when fully expanded as well as the navigation bar and quick buttons for many options — yes this means the Dashboard as it exists now is gone.

This new index will be able to be positioned on either side and can be hidden completely, if desired.

I’m hoping it draws new users to the features available without making their heads explode. We’ll see.

From a technical point of view it should also make YourOtherMind run a bit smoother.

Anyways, probably won’t be much to post until this is done. This new index system with a few other features/clean up will be the 8.3 release and I’d really like to deploy it before I leave for the Writers of the Future workshop at the end of summer. But it really depends on how nice the weather is up here until then 🙂

Feel free to add your comments below.