YourOtherMind is shareware, free to use for 30 days. Registration allows you to add more than 25 pages to YourOtherMind’s notebook.

Registration costs $29.99 (US). It allows you to use YourOtherMind on two computers. Members of SF Canada or the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America have access to a lower price (see here for details).

Purchase using Paypal

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What do you get?

  • 1 year free technical support via e-mail (
  • 1 year free updates, if any updates are released (users who are active with suggestions, blogging, et cetera will receive ‘updates for the life of YourOtherMind’ as a thank-you)
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      […] I’ve added some clarification in regards to software updates, technical support and specal pricing for SF Canada or SFWA members to the YourOtherMind purchase page. […]

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