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Details on the new version of YourOtherMind, the writer’s organizer, can be found here.

Everything below this point is for the older version.

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What is YourOtherMind?

YourOtherMind is a Writer’s Organizer. It is an idea management tool for writers, helping to store and tag ideas or research, track submissions, brainstorm, and more. It is a word processor as well with all the standard formatting features you have come to expect. It won’t tell you how to write but it will be there to assist you.

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You can do it all in YourOtherMind, but the most important part of the process is the writing. A rich-text compliant editor lets you do that. Full-screen writing mode let’s you focus on just the text itself, or you can have multiple windows open. Write how you want. And if after you have finished your story or novel and find that you need access to more advanced formatting, you can easily export your work out into other applications, such as Microsoft Word.



YourOtherMind is the ultimate notebook… you can add almost anything into it — notes, sounds, pictures, and tables. Use timelines (both calendar based and scene based), to keep track of the events in your stories or novels. And because the interface is customizable, you can view research side-by-side with the story you are writing.



Quickly explore your research ideas by letting YourOtherMind dig into your “notes” and pull out a grid-like screen of ideas. Tags the ones you want to explore more, and toss back the ideas that don’t meet your current needs. Filter by various criteria, including keywords (i.e., if you only care about science fiction ideas, then only pull from those types of notes).


Submission Tracking

You can track your short story and novel submissions from within YourOtherMind. Simply add writing markets as notes in your notebook (i.e., if you send stuff to Analog, then you’d have an Analog market note). When your story is ready to be sent out, just go to the submissions page on your story note and “submit” it. You can also add destinations — these are reminders of where you’d like your story/novel to be sent out to later.


StickIt Storyboards

Like a corkboard or magnetic board, you can post “ideas” or photos onto a visual page and manipulate them in various ways (drag/drop, resize and so on). Using the powerful linking system you can associate these notes with other notes, either on the same StickIt page or elsewhere in your notebook. You can even link to external files such as office documents or movies


And so much more…

  • The Dashboard keeps important statistics (such as late submissions) in an easy to find location
  • A Bookmarking system lets you tag pages with specific labels (i.e., “Do this now!”) and you can view these lists from the dashboard.
  • Organize your photos, create scrapbook-like layouts
  • The Robust Link System… finds your files even if you move them
  • Put your notes into notebooks and subsections, just like real notes but with the added magic of virtual linking and keyword tagging
  • Search your notes, by title or the content of the notes themselves… never forget anything!

See in detail for a feature by feature breakdown or review our writing software comparision guide here

Some of the features mentioned will not be available until version 8.2, due for release Fall 2009.

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