Keeper – Updating to version 8.1

After version 8.1, YourOtherMind the Writer’s Organizer will be using an automatic updating system.

Backup your files before updating!

Unfortunately for users of YourOtherMind 8.0 and previous, some manual steps will need to be taken to update to the latest version. Luckily once this is done, the automatic updater can then be used for any future updates.

Detailed Steps – How to update to version 8.1?

  • Verify that you do have a previous version of YourOtherMind installed.
  • Copy your “Data” directory and all subdirectories/files to a safe place (this is usually found in your My Documents folder). This is your BACKUP and will be used later
  • Uninstall YourOtherMind.
  • Download version 8.1 of YourOtherMind from the YourOtherMind download page.
  • Open the download and run setup.exe to install YourOtherMind.
  • Once install is complete run YourOtherMind and ensure everything is working as it should.
  • Close YourOtherMind.
  • Go to where YourOtherMind’s data is stored (usually in your My Documents folder) and delete the Data directory (and all subdirectories, files beneath it).
  • Copy the BACKUP you made earlier to this location. (You are replacing the default install files with your old files)
  • Restart YourOtherMind. Your old pages should now work in the new version of YourOtherMind.

    Please contact us immediately if anything goes wrong!


    1. Even after updating it still loads the old version. This should not affect any end-user but just in case it does, sometimes there might be an old version of YourOtherMind in the Data BACKUP you made earlier. To get rid of it just go into My Documents/YourOtherMind/Data/Exe/Current and delete the manifest.txt file AND make sure that there is a file called allow.txt in that folder. This will enable the autoupdater to ensure you have the latest version.
    2. Restart YourOtherMind using your start menu short-cut (to ensure the autoupdater is loaded)

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