Keeper needs your help

 Version 8.1 of YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer, was released recently with a numerous improvements.

Unfortunately that might be the last version I can afford to produce.

Despite what I feel are numerous improvements (open file format, cleaner interface, stable, et cetera) over its predecessor Worgan, YourOtherMind just hasn’t been succesful enough to warrant continued development.  And unlike Worgan, I’ve been spending a fair amount of money on advertising. Obviously I’m not looking at making money on the product, but I was hoping to build a small user community by this point in time to make further development sustainable.

Version 8.2 (which I’m using) has a lot of very cool features I’d like other writers to get the chance to use (the storyboards have been especially useful and flexible as I’ve been organizing a variety of different stories  with them). The storyboards plus the full-screen editor are bringing YourOtherMind closer (feature-wise) to the popular Mac only writing software Scrivener.

But there’s still significant  effort required to take 8.2 to ‘ship’. And without users, this is ultimately an unrewarding task for me. 

So, what can you do to help?

Simply install YourOtherMind (download it from the download page) and let me know why you think nobody is using it (either using the comments on this page or contact me through the contact page). I’d like to have an idea of what improvements would be necessary to make YourOtherMind a viable tool that other writers would use.

  • Is it too expensive?
  • Is it too hard to figure out how to use?
  • Should it come with more market data preloaded?
  • It is too slow?

Anyone who sends reasonable feedback will get a free registration code for YourOtherMind (if they so desire). Also, anyone who makes ‘help videos’ to better demonstrate YourOtherMind features will also get a free registration code. I have a feeling that videos I’ve made aren’t that useful


 Brent Knowles