Keeper Dashboard – Incentives

Another new feature in version 8.1 of YourOtherMind, the Writer’s Organizer is incentives.

I know many people are probably going to wonder: “What is the point of those?”

Basically I added them for the same reasons games and game consoles have added achievements and other measures to track user participation in the game. These include:
1. Users use the program more. Most people enjoy “working towards” a goal… incentives help add mini-goals for us to achieve. A similiar concept is used in the games Braintraining or Wii Fit.
2. What do end users use? Assists me in understanding what features end users use and which they don’t (NOTE: Currently incentive information is not being sent anywyere, in the future I’m going to make that an option for those who wish to send the data in)
3. New User Training. Incentives help new users understand what features are available… hopefully some people will read over the incentives and realize that YourOtherMind offers more for them than they may have realized at first

Incentives are not retroactive. The data tracking to know if you qualify for an incentive was introduced in version 8.1. That means that even if you have already qualified for the Writer incentive based on previous work in YourOtherMind, you will need to qualify again.

The YourOtherMind Dashboard

And for those who haven’t checked it out yet this is the dashboard for YourOtherMind. This new page basically summarizes several important facts about your data, including:
1. Which submission you have out at various writing markets (and which are late)
2. Which stories are finished and ready to be sent out to publishers
3. A mini journal for keeping track of words written each day
4. Message center – messages from Yourothermind show up here to remind you of tutorial videos and other “in-between versions” features