Keeper as a Writing Environment

Well after the release of version 8.1 of YourOtherMind the Writer’s Organizer I started using it as my exclusive writing tool. I have added basic spell-checking and grammar capabilities (and radically improved the find-text feature) to it and so far I’m pretty happy with it. There’s a long way to go and I still occasionally have to toss a manuscript into Word for some types of grammar checking, but I’d say I can now do about 95% of all my writing related tasks inside of YourOtherMind.

The nice thing about owning the code for this writing tool of course is that I can add pet features (such as automatically formatting a manuscript for an online submission without modifying the original). I’m finding that I don’t use the Full Screen Editor a lot, but mostly using StickIt pages, with the Draft a note on the StickIt, floating along with all the research notes. Seems to be pretty effective so far.