How to force an automatic update

With YourOtherMind versions 8.1 and beyond updating is now automatic but the user must enable it by selecting an option within YourOtherMind as described on the how do automatic updates work page.

Sometimes (hopefully never!) though YourOtherMind may not load and you will want to manually force an autoupdate. To do this you would do the following:

  • Close YourOtherMind
  • Find My Documents/YourOtherMind/Data/Exe/Current and delete the manifest.txt file.
  • Create an allow.txt file
  • Run YourOtherMind from the short-cut (the short-cut checks the autoupdater first, without doing it this way the autoupdater won’t run).

    YourOtherMind should run and check for updates now.