One of the cool things about having written a writing platform like YourOtherMind is whenever I read good writing advice, especially nuts and bolts stuff like this grammar article on io9, I usually go in and add some code, adding a check to help me add another layer of proofreading.

So when I read the article I started taking notes and then stopped myself, realizing that 75% of what they were calling for writers to check in their own writing (bad phrases and whatnot) could be handled by a system already in place.

From the edit bar on a note the Grammarlist feature can be used(by adding the phrases mentioned in the article). Simply click on the modify link and add the phrases suggested in the article and the next time you press the GrammarList button to do a scan of your text, these words will be checked too.

The only thing mentioned n the article that YourOtherMind can’t handle easily is a specific search for adverbs, but I added that to the to-do list.

UPDATE – This has been added. Simply type ly in the search textbox and press enter — words ending in ly will be found. (Make sure the Exact? button is NOT pressed else the search will not work).