Empire Avenue – The Big Reset

Last week was the final week of the closed beta test for Empire Avenue, a new social networking site, unique from others like Facebook and Twitter in that it allows the users (Influencers) to actively trade one another with virtual cash. Influencer’s value is determined by their online activity on other social networks. Cash earned from sales, and daily dividends, can be used to purchase advertising. Its a bit like a game, and a bit like a meta-layer on top of existing social sites, blogs, and twitter.

I’ve been enjoying it, meeting some new people. Unlike existing networks there’s some encouragement/incentive to start following people you don’t know and that’s been interesting.

Last week I decided to do an experiment, in part assisted by the fact that I was playing nurse to a sick 2 year old (who is now much better). I (mostly) stayed offline, with little posting. I was curious what would happen to my Empire Avenue stock price.

On Monday I was sitting about $14/share, midweek sank to $13 and by the end of the week (Sunday) I was down to $11.86. Not too bad, but now with the reboot, I’m going to be a lot more active online again.

Read more at the Empire Avenue Blog.

And if you’d like to participate, I have a limited number of ‘passes’ to join the next stage of the beta. If you want an invite, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.