Another easy’ish Feature — Check Lists (and a new update)


Details on the new Checklist note type have been added. From that page:

The reason I created this AddIn was because I have often used lists like “Do Before Start Writing” or “Revision Checklist” that are used across multiple novels. The trouble arose when I wanted to add details to them… it meant I had to add new items to the source (the template I use when starting new novels) as well as all other novels and novel-in-planning I had earlier created.
I wanted a system that would allow me to link a checklist to the specific note on the template and have it be updated when the source changed. That is, when I add new items to the source checklist, all linked checklists are also updated with the new details — without losing the status of previous “checkmarks”.

For developers:

It took me about an hour to create this new note type and I was able to deploy it without needing to modify the main .exe file for YourOtherMind, which really proves to me that the AddIn framework has been a success. To minimize development time I descended this note from the Table Note (like I did for the Submission AddIn). This made storage of the check state for each entry trivial.

New Beta Version

I’ve also deployed version 1.4.8 as beta. The bulk of this update are improvements to the Timeline system.