A Site, a Novel, a Game

One day I’ll actually decide what to do with this particular site. If you stumble across here and want to know more about game design and writing then my blog probably is a better site to hang out. However I have been using YourOtherMind media to brand the games and published works I have created, so it makes sense to maintain a presence here, focusing primarily on the promotion of those elements.

So, here’s an update post:

The Pool

I’ve released my first novel through Amazon!

“When Miranda is forced by her mother and sisters to leave Earth and cross the universe to the middle-of-nowhere planet her family has owned for generations she’s beyond pissed. She fears she will be stranded there. Forever. Or at least the better part of her summer vacation.

All because her grandmother decided to die.

Really, no matter what century you live in, a teenager’s life is never fair.”

Read it over at Amazon. If you are subscribed to their select program you can read it for free.

Unity Games

I am still messing about with prototypes. On my blog I have started a series exploring the creation of a simple arcade style game in Unity. I plan to add new entries once a month, with playable snapshots of the game in progress.

WORD Games

I’ve posted before about Englex, the word-connection site. A while back I added a sentence translator. You can input a sentence and then play around with changing the individual words in teh sentence.

Check out the Sentence Builder.

New Websites, oh my!

To showcase the products I’m creating, I’ve launched two simple gallery sites. The first, is mostly complete and is for my fiction:


The second site will be similar but for the game prototypes I build. It is not built yet, but the url will be.