YourOtherMind Writing Software Update

As some users of YourOtherMind have probably discovered I rolled out the latest update tonight. You’ll only receive the update if you have Help|Automatic Updates turned on (and then restart YourOtherMind).

This update is a minor update, most bug-fixes, but there are several new features. Highlights include:

  • Improved Random Naming System*
  • Manual Note Placement in StickIts
  • Line by Line Proofreading mode
  • Preview of how much you stand to make when submitting to various markets
  • Improved memory management — should be less bloaty and run a bit faster
  • Added a Distraction mode to nag you when you start surfing the web
  • Inline spellcheck replacement
  • Enhanced export support for novels
  • Autosave
  • Drag images from StickIt pages onto storyboards by holding down the shift key
  • Storyboards can preview text as well as images

* To get the full list of new & improved names you need to remove your previous dictionary. This is easy to do as long as you haven’t added custom words to the dictionary. If you have added words, please contact us for help. If you have not added words and want the new dictionary simply delete the old one (\data\dictionary\en-us.dic) and restart YourOtherMind