Yourothermind – Resizing Text View

A couple years I was a reading a writer’s blog (I think it was Robert J. Sawyer) and he had commented that he liked it when software gave him the chance to increase the text size to help with eyes getting tired. It wasn’t anything I thought I needed but it was an easy feature to add to my writing program YourOtherMind and I did.

The other day I was writing away and I stopped myself for a moment in the act of clicking on the magnifying icon on the toolbar. And then I realized over the last year how often I’ve been using this feature! Whenever my eyes start to get the least bit sore I adjust the zoom level on the text. I find that modifying it a little bit every once in a while goes a long way to keeping my eyes feeling refreshed (or at least confused enough that they don’t complain about being tired).