Addin – Checklist Notes

This Addin is used to create and maintain checklists, generally of interest across multiple notes.

The reason I created this AddIn was because I have often used lists like “Do Before Start Writing” or “Revision Checklist” that are used across multiple novels. The trouble arose when I wanted to add details to them… it meant I had to add new items to the source (the template I use when starting new novels) as well as all other novels and novel-in-planning I had earlier created.
I wanted a system that would allow me to link a checklist to the specific note on the template and have it be updated when the source changed. That is, when I add new items to the source checklist, all linked checklists are also updated with the new details — without losing the status of previous “checkmarks”.

  • Linked Note. Enter the name of a valid note on the same Layout. This note should be a Text Note with each checklist item on its own line. The note CAN be a link note (which allows the user to link to text notes on Other layouts… this is where power of this note type comes in).
  • Refresh. When text is updated on the original note, select this to update the checklist.


The advanced tabs shows how this note type works. When Refresh is pressed, or a new note hooked up to a Checklist, the items are stored in this table, which keeps track of whether the user has checked or unchecked the entry. This list can be manually updated, if desired.

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