Link Notes

Link Notes are simple notes that link to other notes. Inheriting all the base note functionality, they appear to be almost identical to other notes except for a couple key differences.

Certain types of notes are able to be linked to. In the initial release of YourOtherMind, only Text Notes, maybe be linked to, but the framework exists for other note types to be valid link targets.

Why Link?

Links allow one layout to link into a note on another layout. When brainstorming this is valuable, as the user does not need to duplicate information. If they find an interesting idea on another layout, they simply link to it in their current project. If its modified on the source layout, that modification will be reflected on the layout where the link exists. This keeps information from becoming out of date between two sources.

Because Link Notes may be added to Storyboards, this also allows the user to organize notes from another layout, on a Storyboard on another page. Again, useful for linking to reference material without duplicating the information.

How to Create a Link

First, create a Link Note on the target layout. Then seek out the note to be copied and open its PROPERTY MENU. Select the CREATE A LINK TO THIS NOTE option, which will store a link reference in memory.

Now return to the Link Note created earlier. From its PROPERTY MENU select the PASTE LINK option. To refresh the contents of the text select the REFRESH LINK option.

To visit the linked page, simply press the GO TO LINK button.

Reciprocal Links

From the INFO PANEL, users may see which layouts are linked to the current, viewed layout.

Press the link to go to the layout.

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