This is a general purpose note where users can select actions from a set list of actions and have those actions “happen” when the button is pressed.

* Annotating Images. The user might want to add map pins overtop of an Picture Note.
* Create short-cuts to functionality, specific to context (i.e., with the Windower Action, the user is able to make other notes arrange themselves in predefined patterns on the screen, a useful shortcut to setting up the screen space for a writing session)


Primary Details and Secondary Details contain, respectively, a list of Actions, and a List of Parameters for those actions.

The possible PRIMARY ACTIONS are:

  • Beep
  • Popup – Able to display a text box when clicked
  • Windower – Arrange Notes
  • Visibility
  • Hotkey – Access any registered hotkeys

Look below, in the sections on each Primary Action to see appropriate Secondary Actions for that type.

Advanced Users

Both Primary and Secondary are actually LISTS… meaning you can have multiple actions. However, on the main Note interface the user may edit only the first entry in the list. To add more, the user must open the Properties menu on the Note.

Beep (beep)

Just does a simple beep.

Popup (popup)

Use this to display a bit of text when pressed, such as might be required when annotating a map.
Secondary Action: The text to display

Windower (evenwindows_alpha)

This function allows the user to specify a list of notes in the Secondary Field (which must already be open) and will size them according to the Primary Field.

evenwindows_alpha: This will arrange the windows horizontally with even widths.

Secondary Action: Names of notes in the layout.

This works with System Layouts as well, so that if the user finds there are a couple layouts they like arranged in a particular manner, they can create a Button on the System Layout with a Windower function. I use this in my own work with a Novel Layout on one side and the Novel Facts in another Layout — I keep the facts out of the core novel in case I plan to write a series and want the “fact glossary” available across multiple novels.

A variant of this is to use evenwindows_across_monitors_alpha when working with system notes. This will attempt to fit one note on ONE monitor and the other notes on another monitor. The Secondary Action expects 4 paramaters: 0,0,note1,note2 where the first two 0’s specify offsets (some user’s might require this) for monitor 1 and monitor 2, respectively.


Any hotkey may be activated.
Primary: hotkey
Secondary: Choose from toggleviewguid

Visibility(notevisible_true or notevisible_false)

The visible state of notes can be easily triggered off and on with this.
Secondary Action: Specify the notes the user wants on/off

Known Issues

Cannot use the Windower function with a RENAMED Layout

This is known. If the user renames a Layout, the Windower routine will not be able to find it until you close it and reload it. Basically the name at load is the name that is used when searching for it.

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