Download YourOtherMind 2013

Installer-Based Downloads

Here are the Windows based installers.

Version 1.4.4
Full Install YourOtherMind 2013 (800)
Run this if you have never installed YourOtherMind 2013 on your machine. Otherwise just run your current version and the auto updater will prompt if you want to install the latest version.

Please keep in mind that this SOFTWARE is offered with no support. Please read and abide by the license terms.


To install an Addin, shut down YourOtherMind and unzip the downloaded file into the plugins folder. Then restart YourOtherMind, go to OPTIONS and select the AddIns option. Click the checkbox beside the name of the AddIn to activate.

Archive – Archive AddIn (729)
Lookup Words Lookup Word (703)
Memory Track Memory Track (721)
Spellchecking Spellchecker (714)
Picture Note Note Picture (715)
Proofreading Proofread (706)
Random Names Random Names (725)
SendTextAway SendTextAway (716)
Submission Tracking Submission Tracker (741)
Worklog Worklog (735)
YourOtherMind Markup YourOtherMind Markup Language (730)

Developer Resources

SOURCE: The source code for YourOtherMind2013 exists at GitHub.

Each AddIn is hosted as its own project on GitHub. Browse all my projects here.

Also, I’ll eventually post a .zip file with all the code here too(remind me!)

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