What’s in a name?

So for those of you who follow the development of Keeper, the Writer’s Organizer, you know that it has already had a couple name changes.
It started life as The Writer’s Organizer, which I thought a good, if a little long name. But because Keeper is useful for managing so many other types of work (software development, photography, and such) it seemed a limiting name.

Later I and users started calling it Worgan, a short version the Writer’s Organizer. While a catchier name, the problem with it, it didn’t tell people what the program did. Around this time I also started branding a company name, AnvilInk, hoping to increase exposure.

It didn’t really work. Of course I was super busy making great games at BioWare. I couldn’t really focus all the attention that was needed.

But then I decided to overthink things. I stopped using AnvilInk and ultimately the doman was snapped up (I recently reacquired it, a couple years after the fact). And then I renamed Worgan to Keeper, which made sense on many levels as it was a new software program written in a different language (C# as opposed to Delphi) and it wasn’t backwards compatible (mostly). And then I created this site yourothermind, which is kind of my new company name, I guess, though I have some other plans for it too.

But now I’m noticing that there are so many other programs either named Keeper or with Keeper in their names and I’m about to give up on the whole naming business.

So now I’m wondering… is it time to rename Keeper/Worgan again? Should I go back to Worgan? Should I come up with something new?

Any thoughts?

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