I am off work for a while and am attempting to catch up on numerous projects. I finished my first story since our second son was born last year and have sent it to the Writers of the Future Contest… I used to submit to that every quarter but I’ve missed the last few. I then finished a second story over the course of a couple days but it needs some revision before its ready to go out.  Starting to get back into the writing groove, I hope.

I am also continuing to develop YourOtherMind version 8.2, working a lot on making it more useful as a writing environment (and not just as a research assistant). To that end I’ve started implementing (and using!) a full-screen writing editor with a spellchecker. I also improved the find-system to help with proofing stories… the built in grammar checker seems quite useful so far — I got a number of errors that might have otherwise slipped through.

I’ve also started looking at a novel I wrote a long time ago and have created a new mini-note for StickIt pages called “Storyboards”. These allow scenes to be grouped into categories (such a chapters).  This is still an experimental feature and might not make it into the next release.