Dashboard – Daily Word Counts


Daily Word and Time Tracking

What does it do?

Allows for daily word/hour tracking for your stories and other projects.

Reason for this Feature

Some writers like to track their progress and use it as an incentive.

How To Use It

Simply enter the number of words, a short description of what you were working on, and the minutes. You can go back (or forward) and adjust notes for different days using the calendar tool on the left.

Various reports allow you to compare your progress with other time periods.

If you just put in 300 words on a new story you would add that information to the Dashboard panel.

Applies To

Dashboard and Reports


– In version 8.3 there is an auto-word counter tool that will allow the user (if they are using YourOtherMind as their writing environment) to automatically fill in the number of words they have written for the day
– In version 8.4 there will be an advanced reporting tool allowing users to extract more useful information out of their progress tracking