The Writer’s Organizer Has A New Name

After months of debate, I have decided upon a new name for my writing organization software (Keeper/Worgan).

And the new name is?

YourOtherMind (you may call it Yom, if you prefer).

As I talk a bit about in this post it has become so important to have a unique name, in terms of people finding and talking about your software, that YourOtherMind stands out nicely. It is a bit longer a name than I had wanted, but it also had the double advantage that this was the name of my website already.

Both Keeper and Worgan (*W*riter’s *organ*izer) had names that fit the theme of what they did, in the case of Worgan, pidgeon-holing the product a bit too much — since YourOtherMind is more than capable of assisting programmers, editors, designers, storyboard artists, and so on, just as well as writers.

So YourOtherMind is a broader name, and with version 8.2, the Mind part of the name will become relevant.

I had always imagined my writing software to evolve to the point where it was not just a static depot for idea insertion and content creation, but an active assistant (or sidekick, if you will) to help an author harvest the ideas in her digital notebook. The first few AI-related features will make their appearance in 8.2 and with each version after that they will be expanded.

Version 8.2 will have the new ‘rebranding’.