The End of the Road

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    […] of the ‘old lady by the river — complete with chains’ done by Erika McGinnis and “The End of the Road” in Not One of Us had an illustration done by Russell Diekerson. It is always exciting to see what […]

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    This was my first print sale! I still remember where I was when I opened that acceptance letter…

    It is also the first published story that includes my Wanderer character… though it is the “last” in his story arc… detailing what happens to him at the end of his long journey.

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    You can read an early Wanderer story for free from Smashwords

  4. Shawn
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    Out of all your stories this one is one of my favorites so far. Haven’t read them all yet, slowly getting there though.

  5. Brent Knowles
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    Thanks Shawn, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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