Thanks for the feedback

I receive occasional feedback on YourOtherMind and just wanted to shout out a thank you for those who have taken the time to explain what ‘bothered’ them about YourOtherMind.

There are specific features I want to finish for version 8.3 but I think — after viewing the feedback — that I need to really focus on addressing the new user experience. Predominantly the comments focus on how confusing the interface is. I had hoped that by starting the user on the Dashboard (instead of a text note) I’d help users understand how to add new notes. Instead this seems to further confuse people — throwing a huge screen of options at them initially not being the best of options…

At this point I’m considering returning to the ‘start on a note’ method. In regards to helping people figure out features — adding notes and whatnot — I’m torn between whether its worth my time building demo videos showcasing those features, building a more graduated interface (the more a person uses, the more is unlocked and explained as they go, basically a tutorial), or just leaving things as they are and focusing on features for the more ‘hardcore’ user.

If you have any suggestions let me know.